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We priced out bids with Pella and Window World for 3 large windows installed in the front of our house. We had installed our own window in our bedroom and it is flush and works flawless but since these windows were in the front of our house we wanted them perfect looking so we hired out.

We decided to go with Window World since they were the lowest bid. We told our salesman that we were having issues with our current windows leaking and he said NO PROBLEM, we will put this as a rush (original meeting is mid-July) and he says he will get the order in as quickly as possible. He was estimating 2-3 weeks. We take off Aug 14-18 from our work in anticipation of windows being installed that week.

Nobody calls or shows up so we start calling Window World asking where our windows were only to find out nothing has been ordered at all! He again says we will immediately get someone to measure them and get them ordered and then he apologized profusely, we stated at that time we would like the new install date to be September 18th, he said OK. At this point, we figured no problem and continued waiting. Different person shows up to measure, everything goes smooth there.

Windows are to arrive at the warehouse 2 weeks later sometime in September, installer calls me and wants to install Monday, we say 'No we have an appointment for the install on the 18th', he said OK and then we do not ever hear anything -- then I'm not really expecting anyone to call me until around our appointment so we think nothing of it. September 18th comes, still no word on what's going on so around 12pm we start calling Window World to find out where our guy is. It is cloudy and sprinkling outside, barely. They send me to another person and he says that the installer has been trying to call me and left a msg.

We don't have voicemail and we had been waiting all morning with our cell phones so we knew he had not tried to call me nor has he left any msgs. Brice says he will call the installer and the installer will call me back in 10 minutes. Again, no calls... strange because the installer called earlier in the month wanting to install so I’m pretty sure he was just dodging the work.

We call Brice again and finally the installer calls me back and claims that he had the wrong number. The installer says "I don't typically install in the rain and I'm down in Louisville, NE so it's going to take me over an hour to get there". Keep in mind, we have cameras on our house so everything is recorded. We also have RING on our house so we have the voice recorded.

Yes, I do have signs posted saying this. We requested that our windows be installed regardless of the sprinkling weather outside, it’s barely raining honestly… (After all of this... Brice assured me that installers do install even when it's raining -- we do have a partial overhang on our house so it's not like the area was soaking wet). We tell this installer we've already had this delayed way too long and we want this done today since this is the 2nd time we have had to take time off to deal with this and now I'm just wasting vacation time.

He reluctantly agrees and when he shows up he makes it very clear to my wife that he did not want to be there. Upon arrival, my wife says “Hey! What ya thinking” and he replies "This is going to suck" which she thought was odd for an installer to be so blunt with customers. She watches him go back outside on the cameras and he starts throwing ladders out of his truck on to our lawn aggressively.

While he's outside setting up his ladders and we see him literally fighting with our large shrub outside pushing and crushing it like a crazy person. He's slamming things around like a man child. She then calls me and says that she’s nervous of the aggressiveness and that I have to get home immediately. If this is how Window World's employees act then I don't know how they stay in business.

He also made numerous comments about how he had to work late on our windows, so we ended up just avoiding him and let him work. Afterwards, windows are installed, it takes him like 5-7 hours to do, no biggie. We notice that the right window is extremely crooked, you can see it from the street it's so bad, inside the house you can see the angle of the window is off -- it almost looks like a step ladder effect. When you close the window the top sash keeps falling down so you have to push it up in order to lock the bottom of the window.

It's very aggravating. I'm pretty sure this will hurt the resale of our house so eventually we will probably have to have them replaced again since Window World refuses to fix it. We put a level on the window itself and all three of the windows are not center. One thing we did fail to mention to our installer is that we were planning to replace some siding on the front of the house BUT we were purposely waiting until he was complete with this job.

Once we mentioned it, he seemed even more agitated then before and he says "I didn't even have to do this today, I would of refused if I knew you were replacing that siding" -- which makes no sense because the siding is easily slid out on the bottom of the window just as it would of been done on the previous window that was in the same hole. Again, he was just making it very apparent that he did NOT want to be there. He completes the job and leaves.. We wait for the follow up call for payment.

Fast forward, Brice calls to check on the status and to collect payment and we tell him that the window is crooked and we are unhappy with the install. Brice says that he will send someone out to check it out. We request that this installer does NOT come back to our house due to his temperament. Brice says OK.

A week or so passes and Brice shows up with Matt AND the same installer that we requested to not to come back to our house. Brice proceeds to tell us that it is an excellent install, and that he will fix only the exterior sash and the window is basically our problem. Again, entire conversation including voice is recorded for anyone who would like to hear it. The installer again says "I don't install in the rain." He goes in and out of the house numerous times and continues to tell us that he doesn't see any problems.

Everyone who has came to our house and looked at it can see it, so I'm not sure why none of these Window World employees can.

So beware… they do not stand by their products or installations. We are very unhappy with them and now we are stuck with the horrible install.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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There is no denying that my installer was not excited about installing in the rain the day your install was to take place. However, with as long as you had waited to get them installed, we made every attempt to get them installed.

The attitude my installer had, was completely unacceptable. Walking into a home with a bad attitude is not the way to introduce yourself or meet someone. We cannot apologize about that enough.

With regard to the installation of the windows themselves, there were several items we had discussed.

1.) the exterior wrap on the far right window is one item I was willing to have my installer redo. It wasn’t that the wrap was done incorrectly, it was that the trim board beneath the three windows did not leave the same reveal on the bottom of th windows which made the wrap look off a bit. 2.) If you were insisting that the windows were installed crooked or incorrectly and you wanted an unbiased third party opinion I would have paid a contractor of your choice to remove all interior trim to check the existing window in the opening. If it was determined the window was not installed correctly I was going to send a new installer out to reinstall the windows.

After we left your home that night, I never heard from you how you wanted to move forward. That had my email address and cell phone number on it.

I genuinely and sincerely apologize that your experience with us has not been up to the standard we hold ourselves to. Unfortunately when it comes to construction things don’t always go according to plan though.

And when they don’t, we try everything in our powers to remedy and make them right. If you have any other suggestions I am open to hear them.

Please email or call me on my cell phone if you would like to discuss any further. Thank you