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We ordered windows from Window World of Southern Maine, Inc. for our home in Maine.

We let the salesman know it was critical the windows be installed by June 30th, due to the fact we had renters coming and we would be returning to Florida. He said it would be close but he was sure they could meet this timeline.

The week before they were to arrive, I gave Window World a call since we had not heard from them. I was told the windows were being shipped to them on June 30th and the salesman never wrote or informed anyone we had requested a time frame. We ended up having to block out a rentable week and asked a friend to go to our house to let them in, pay them and kind of over see what they were doing.

When Window World finished, our friend payed them and they were on their way.

He then took pictures of the windows and sent them to us. Only to our surprise, the windows were the wrong color. The interior color was to be wood grain and the exterior color was to be bronze. Windows installed were all white except for the trim, which they made bronze.

We called Window World of Southern Maine to inform them they had installed the wrong color windows.

The girl in the office said there was no color written in on the order spec sheet and she did not see any extra charges for the color we wanted. Yet there wasn’t any price’s at all on the spec sheet. Plus were never told it was an added cost to have color. I am not sure who made the decision to make the windows white but a red flag should have gone up to ask someone what color the windows should be.

She said there was nothing they could do since we signed it. Even if we saw that nothing was written under the color columns, I don’t think we would have said anything due to the fact the salesman wanted to see if they could match our color.

The salesperson was at our house for about 3 to 4 hours. He was also training another man that day. He took pictures of the wood in our Chalet to see if they could match the wood color.

He said he wasn’t sure if they could. We were OK with the Oak Grain that they had in the brochure if they couldn’t match exactly.

My husband called Taylor the salesman, he did remember seeing all the wood that we have in our home and about taking pictures of the wood color. He also remembered training another person while at our home. Taylor said he would speak to his boss and get back to us.

Taylor told us that his boss was angry we posted a bad review about them before they could resolve this issue. As far as I knew the girl in the office, told us her boss said there was nothing they could do. To me that sounded like he had no intention of do anything.

Taylor called later that day. He now had a totally different tune.

He said on the spec sheet under the column exterior color it said White and under the interior column it also said White. I don’t think he realized that we have the zerox sheet of that spec sheet that we signed. Also the girl said there was nothing written in those columns. Now mysteriously it now says white.

He is now saying he takes pictures of every house he goes to, for the color. He just kept the lies and deceit going. He is now trying to tell us you can’t have the exterior one color and the interior another. He claims one of them has to be white.

He gave us a brochure that clearly says you can. We would never have even ordered these windows if you couldn’t.

These windows do not match our home inside or outside.

The only thing that we never had in our hands was the prices of the windows. Someone from Window World of Southern Maine called with the price of the windows and we gave the go ahead.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $5905.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Window World Cons: How they treat the consumer.

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