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I had a horrible experience. A technician came to measure windows drywall to drywall for replacement.

We told him we were redoing the bathroom and they failed to take note of that because technician was more concerned with complaining about how sick he felt that day and didn't stop talking about it. That could be a moment for error whether it be not listening to what we said or so focused on himself he wrote the wrong measurements down. The old metal window stretched from original wood frame to wood frame. Yes, previous drywall was covering metal frame.

Drwall was 1/2 inch thick. We expected the window to be smaller (the size of drywall which is 1/2 inch) but not that much smaller. When installed no one mentioned shimming in from original frame to fit new window. If they measured drywall to drywall(like they claimed) and supposedly unbeknownst to them that we were redoing the drywall (like they claimed) the window should've fit perfectly.

All that needed to be done from there on is flashing and caulking. But unfortunately since we took the drywall out they felt it was okay to shim the window in to make up for the wrong size (which they neglected to tell us they were doing) They called that "tampering" However, if they were expecting to see drywall and to install new windows on to the drywall, they would've noticed that the windows were an inch too small on all 4 sides. An inch and a half going from original wood frame to new window. Otherwise they would've put wood shims on to clean drywall.

I would be left seeing clean drywall, wood shim, then the window. I would think the installer then would notice a problem and report back saying something isn't right. The window was also put in crooked and they refused to even take note or talk about that. The technician came to the house after we complained to check things out.

He began to explain how windows work and why the window is smaller. He said the area was previously drywalled. (which would make it a 1/2 inch in) He measured from drywall to drywall. The original drywall was nailed to the original wood slightly covering the metal window.

( a half inch) Which you will see black outline in metal window picture. The metal window that was attached from original wood frame to wood frame. He explained that the gap left around the window to the shims they made were for the new drywall to go in. However, if he measured drywall to drywall in the first place and the installer saw that there was no drywall but should leave space for it, then why would he have to use shims and additional space for new drywall.

He should've already seen the original wood and that the original window went against it when he took it out. So the new window needs to be offset a half inch for drywall. Not shim AND leave gap for drywall. When we asked the technician what is the thickest piece of drywall he has seen he ended the conversation, remeasured and said he would take it back but not say he measured wrong when it's plain as day that it's not right.

Because if it was right, that means the previous drywall was in one full inch and a half. The glass part of the metal window (that went all the way to the original wood that the original drywall was attached to) would've been covered by drywall. Which is absurd. The technician also stated they measure drywall to drywall which is on the inside, however the owner said they measure the outside of the house and even then that was shimmed from the brick with flashing.

The previous metal window stretched from wood frame to wood frame on the inside and brick to brick on the outside. When the owner came, he doesn't allow anyone to speak. Which has been mentioned by several people in reviews. This can frustrate anyone.

And since I'm the concerned customer who is out $1600 from this company I would like to be heard and understood. When I asked what I can do to fix this he said "put in foam to seal the window and a wood casing to cover the wood shims put in" I wasn't even given the opportunity to explain why I deserve the right size window. Also the owner not only didn't allow us to speak, he proceeded to say I need to grow up, stand on my own two feet and admit that I am wrong. I had to rebuttal with "same".

Because I feel as a business owner he should admit to his mistakes. Not leave people dissatisfied. I don't know what mistake I could've made. The window was put in originally from wood frame to wood frame.

There's no way I could've messed with anything. The old drywall had to attach to the old wood otherwise it would just float in the air or it would've covered the glass in the previous window by your measurements. Which then would've cause severely molded drywall and wood due to the sweat an old window caused. You see here in the picture there is no such thing.

The only thing dark and discolored is the half inch slot where the previous drywall met up with the metal frame. The owner proceeded to walk away from me to leave while I was talking with out resolving anything. As a business owner you should never tell your customer they were wrong, especially when they were never given the opportunity to explain themselves. I would've been happy to compromise and pay the difference of a bigger window but I wasn't even given the opportunity to do so.

All of this would've been solved and I still would've given a great review because things would've been made right. I was shot down from the beginning. This man talks over you and refuses to listen. There are many reviews online stating this same thing.

I wasn't able to receive the help that I deserve and feel very trapped on getting things resolved. I will mention this to everyone that I meet. I will make sure that this never happens to anyone. This is a terrible terrible representative for your company.

That is not a threat, that is just me caring about other people and being sure they do not have to go through what you are putting me through.

Please imagine the original window. The dark outline along the edge where the previous drywall was placed. That will show you that the only thing I "tampered" with was the original drywall attached to the original wood that met up a half inch on the metal frame which was planed to be replaced with new half inch drywall. Also notice it is put in crooked and I have busted drywall from the installed.

I hope to God I just get my money back and none of this has to go on. I'm sure myself and everyone at Window World has no time for this. I'd like to also know how much the two bathroom windows were for them at cost. I guarantee it couldn't be more than $100 material of window only.

All this for something that costs hardly nothing to make right. And I'm pretty sure they could've reused the wrong sized windows in another house that fits. I know this is just going to go straight to the owner and it's in his hands to make it right which is a very very scary thought. He already came in guns blazing ready to tell me what to do rather than listen to the actual problem.

Which I now have to spend a significant amount of time writing and he has to take time out of his day reading and continuously dealing with because I will not back down. I hope you take all emotions, ego, pride, and stubbornness out of the picture and really see this for what it is. Simple fix. Small mistake made in to a huge argument and a bad business reputation.

Allow your customers to explain their side because at the end of the day I don't know anyone in their right mind who has time to make up problems and argue for fun. I just wanted the right windows to be put in the right way and if not I wanted them to be taken care of and not have to have a petty tit for tat argument.

Let's not forget, I am the customer and even if it pains you so much to say.. the customer is always right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window Replacement.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $848.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Window World Pros: Windows in the bedroom.

Window World Cons: Unprofessional installation, How they treat the consumer.

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Horrible service and disgusting fallowing thru!! This company will definitely file bankruptcy if they “blatantly” continue to repeat these practices!!!


not a good situation