Dallas, Texas

I will be brief. The windows are fine and as expected but the installation was a nightmare. They ripped up window framing and when it came to finishing the job, it went on for months.

The major complaint was that you could never get feedback as to what was going on. Yes, you coul;d call their main off number and receive all kinds of promises, but noting ever came of it, no calls, no feedback, it was if you had no single point of contact.

IF these people would put in place a field job manger in-place, whose SOLE PURPOSE would be to stay on top of issues, a sort of a liaison between the plant and all those jack leg installers...I know I would have been happy. However right now, it's as if no one is in charge ...what a zoo.

I suppose this is the way of the NEW America..zero pride and maximum effort toward the bottom line - - -at all costs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

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